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Birds in Warped Time (in English)

Working on the mesmerzing composition Birds in Waped Time II by Japanese composer Somei Satoh, for the Aalsmeer Flower Festival this saturday! We're very much inspired by this interview with Satoh by Hilary Hahn:

Satoh: "Music explains everything. Some composers want to explain their music."

Hilary: "If the music speaks by itself, then how are you present in the music?"

Satoh: "In nature and myself there is kind of an overlap. Nature and music is all together. Sometimes after composing I think; is this my piece?

It's not God, but there is a bigger existence behind me all the time, like a force of universe. I’m just a small drop of something much bigger. I’m a part of universe, you are a part of universe.

I’m interested in any religion. I don’t believe in any religion. I believe in understanding human beings."

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